Google Adwords and Google Analytics

What do you actually need?
Google Analytics Google Adwords

Website analytics are crucial, adwords can be really useful but not essential. Let me talk you through.

Google Adwords / Pay Per Click (PPC)

You’ll have seen these when you search for something on Google - see image opposite. If your SEO is good, you may not need to invest, but if you’re just starting out or have a new product line, PPC can generate leads and provide you with valuable feedback.  I work with various outfits that set up, optimise and manage ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, YouTube, Outbrain, and other channels. It’s the quickest way to secure brand awareness and will generate learnings, as we play with ad copy, that you can apply to your website to improve SEO. Double whammy.


Every website needs analytics.  Otherwise you know nothing, you’re in the dark.  Where is your traffic coming from? What did they like on your website?  What was confusing? Which ads are performing well? Which are not?  How is the journey for your customer? Is there a particular page where prospects drop off?  Did your latest lead come from Facebook, that email campaign or Google? I’ll insist you bite the bullet and get them in place ASAP.

I work with a couple a companies that offer the highest standard of implementation, ensuring data accuracy and reliability. This will be in addition to my charges. They’ll ensure you gain insight into your entire customer lifecycle - from the initial website visit to paying customer.