Brand Positioning

Strong brand, strong business
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Let’s make sure your brand is unique, credible and robust.

This part of what I do is invaluable and would cost a great deal of money elsewhere.  I spent several years managing Vodafone’s brand and apply all the things I learnt from the many brand agencies we had working with us.

A strong brand position means that, before you look at Google Adwords, SEO or anything like that, the brand has to own a unique, credible and sustainable position in the mind of the consumer.  It is the benefit you want your consumer to perceive when they think of your brand.

When I start looking at an advertising strategy I’ll always do a couple of brand checks before I start my usual audit, taking a look at the essential elements of any brand, and by that I mean your proposition, Unique Selling Point (USP), Tone of Voice (TOV); messaging -  not just your logo - these are the backbone of any business.