Our commitment to you is never compromised


I’m transparent about costs and operate with a ‘no surprises’ approach. All work will be estimated in advance and delivered to the agreed budget.


My overheads are low and I pass this value on to my clients. I can work from home, partner offices or happy to work alongside you.


I’m not affiliated with any suppliers. You will always receive excellent independent advice. I can work with your current providers or introduce you to people I trust.

Hi, I’m Bryony Hampton and I engineer communication strategies and marketing campaigns for pretty much any type of business. I've worked with SaaS businesses, telecom companies, FMCGs and some pro bono work. 

Around 20 years ago I said ‘Goodbye’ to PR and ‘Hello!’ to brand and advertising. My B2B PR years honed my content skills. Campaigns peppered with the kind of assets that are now everyday in the social media world; Case studies, surveys, videos, thought-leadership, ebooks and online assessments. And my advertising years; managing complex, multi-faceted advertising partnerships with national newspapers, taught me the importance of the BRAND and the POWER of advertising. I’ve never looked back.

I’m not your typical marketing person. I’m not your typical PR person either. Less of a glamour girl, more of a grafter. I uncover authentic stories that support your business objectives. This speeds the way for your marketing strategy, safeguards your investment and ensures business effectiveness.

I used to work in one of the busiest press offices in the world and to successfully launch a new product or service you’d have to find stories, or 'content' that the British media would be keen to write up. No mean feat. After five years of surveys, photoshoots, hospitality and celeb-speckled launches, I moved into the suited world of Business-to-Business (B2B) PR. A very different world where you’re trying to reach business leaders and decision-makers. More complex, more challenging...more fun.

Consumers part with their cash pretty easily compared to the boardroom. Business decision makers have to trust you, the supplier, implicitly with; a) their multi-million $£ investment, before b) they disrupt hundreds, if not thousands, of staff as they overhaul current working practices.